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Pendle Caravan

Pendle is a small, lightweight caravan, with a lovely, snug front lounge area, a French bed in the rear and a very good size bathroom with shower. The big front bay windows give the caravan a huge sensation of space and light, but at night can be shut off for privacy and warmth. This caravan is equipped with a tv, fridge and freezer, gas hob, cooker, toilet and shower, you can be completely self sufficient, where ever you stay.

This caravan can be towed by the smallest of vehicles like a VW Polo or a kai seed. Its a great caravan to start with if you haven’t yet towed. There is a great awning which attaches to the side, which gives you tonnes of space to entertain, cook, even extra people to sleep in. This can only be added if you request delivery.

Additional Info
Delivery Info  |  Caravan Awnings  |  Tow Bar Fitting


Included With Caravan

  • Toilet, Shower, Hob, Cooker, TV
  • 12v charger, Leisure battery
  • Heating and hot water system
  • Outside table and chairs, Cooking and dinning facilities.
  • Awning (Delivery Service Only)

Caravan Details

  • Length: 7.0m
  • Width: 2.2m
  • Height: 2.6m
  • Weight: 1059kg
  • Bed sizes – Front double: 6.2 x 4.6ft – Rear double 6.1ft x 4.4ft


Your car must come with a tow bar fitted, which will be checked by ourselves when you arrive.

You must bring a rear registration to put on the caravan.
Your car must be able to tow a maximum of 1200kg.
Drivers must of had their licence held before Jan 18th 2013.
Drivers must have their own fully comprehensive cover, which needs printing off and bringing with you for us to keep for the duration of your hire.
Drivers must of had a minimum of 5 years driving experience.
Drivers must not have more than 6 points or any one 6 point offence on their licence.

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