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Why Roof Tent Hire is the Ultimate Camping Upgrade!

Imagine yourself sleeping under a sky full of stars, listening to the soothing sound of water flowing from the lake, and waking up enjoying your coffee with the magnificent scenery of beautiful mountains.

It looks more like a movie scene. But what if I tell you that you can bridge this gap between your imagination and your reality? With a roof tent, you can unleash your adventurous journey and turn your imagination into reality.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the rise of roof tent hire and how you can consider the right roof tent. We will also discuss the advantages and how you can plan your rooftop adventure.

Rise of the Roof Tent Hire

A roof tent provides you with one of the best ways to camp. But before delving deeper into the evolution of roof tents, let’s first know what exactly a roof tent is.

It is a camping tent that is mounted on the roof of your vehicle. This camping tent eliminates the majority of the disadvantages of the traditional tent. You will be mesmerized to know that a roof tent is not a new innovation. The concept of a rooftop dates back to the early 20th century.

However, this has recently become more popular, and the sudden surge has also elevated the demand for roof tent hire services. Roof tents have opened the way for adventure enthusiasts to explore camping in different ways.

The rise of camping among youth and social media has also contributed to the upliftment of rooftops.

How to Choose the Right Roof Tent Hire?

Well! Choosing the right roof tent for hire isn’t an easy task. Various factors need to be considered before hiring. Some of them are:

  • Size Capacity

The first thing you need to look up is the size of your roof tent. Ensure how many people are there; roof tents differ in size.

From a two-person to a four-person sleeping model, you should choose space wisely. Opt for the right size so that everyone can ensure a good sleep.

  • Weight of Your Tent

It is a crucial factor that needs to be considered. You should check the vehicle’s load capacity and fuel considerations.

Go for a lighter-weight roof tent; heavier weight can affect your vehicle alignment and increase your fuel consumption.

  • Vehicle Consideration

Besides weight, consider the dimensions of the roof rack. Some vehicles require additional accessories for roof tents.

Before opting for a roof tent hire, determine your vehicle compatibility and check its suitability for roof tent camping.

  • Durability

If you are going for a roof tent hire service, then you must check the durability of the tent for a safer journey.

Choose a high-quality material that can ensure durability and withstand adverse weather conditions.

  • Affordability

First, set up your budget, then explore options for a perfect camping tent. Roof tents vary in different ranges.

If your budget is low, then opt for a soft shell roof tent, and if it is high, then go for a hard shell roof tent.

4 Advantages of Hiring a Roof Tent

  • Convenient

Gone are the days of using a traditional tent, which requires lots of time to find flat ground and set it up.

Roof tents are mostly popular for their convenient features. Simply park your car and set it up within a minute.

  • Comfort

As compared to traditional tents that make your body cramp while sleeping, roof tents offer more comfort and coziness.

Equipped with a built-in mattress and elevated sleeping position, which gives you comfortability with a breathtaking view directly from your bed.

  • Install Wherever You Want

Roof tents give you flexibility and save your time in campsite selection. You just need to park your vehicle, and you will be campsite-ready.

Unlike ground tents that need a flat surface for your campsite location, roof tents can be placed anywhere you want.

  • Unique Camping Experience

Apart from comfort and convenience, a roof tent gives you a unique camping experience.

The elevated view allows you to feel more secure and adds a touch of excitement and adventure to your camping.

Plan Your Roof Tent Adventure

  • Select your Destination

The first and foremost step required to plan for your roof tent adventure is to select your destination. You can go for the location that you crave, such as beaches, mountains, or forest adventures.

  • Pack Essential Items

Make a checklist of your essential items, such as food, clothes, first-aid boxes, and all the other necessary items that are required for camping.

  • Ensure Your Safety First

Keep your safety as your top priority. Before going camping, check the weather and climate, and ensure your car is in good running condition.

  • Embrace Your Adventure

After selecting your destination, packing essential items, and ensuring safety, now it’s time to check the surrounding activities and embrace your adventure.

Why You Should Consider Jepson’s Holidays

Ensuring comfort and safety is one of the crucial points to be considered when opting for a roof tent. With Jepson’s Holidays, you can transform your camping trip into an unforgettable experience.

We go beyond providing a roof tent hire service, with our various options available for your adventurous trip, you can create an everlasting experience and memories with your friends.

From motorhome hire services to rooftop hire services, we’ve got something to offer you. So, ditch the hassle of planning and gear acquisition, and let Jepson’s Holidays elevate your next roof tent adventure!

Wrapping Up!

Hope! This blog finds you well. Starting your journey with a roof tent can take your camping to the next level. It’s a journey of discovery, freedom, and connection with the natural world.

Throughout this blog, we have come across the rise of roof tents and the advantages of roof tent hire services, and we have also discussed how you can plan your roof tent adventure.

With Jepson’s Holidays, you can unleash the adventure of roof tent camping and unveil your adventures.