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Things to Include When You Lease Your Motorhome for Hire

Renting out your motorhome to adventure-seeking visitors, partners, or even sole tourists, provides an outlet for fun as well as a potentially profitable stream of income for your business, whether you’re a lifelong manager of motorhomes or you’re just starting out.

The next prominent question is, What should I include in my rental motorhome to make sure my guests have an awesome time exploring dazzling mountain ranges, rugged deserts, or epic coastlines?

We’ll go over every aspect we need to look for at the beginning of your journey of motorhome for hire today, including elements that will enhance your guests’ motorhome experience. Everything you need is right here, including sleeping quarters, kitchenettes, washrooms, and luxurious extras that will really impress your visitors. Now let’s dive in.

Supplies to Include with Your Motorhomes for Hire

You can supply guests with basic or upscale items as part of their motorhome share! When exploring motorhome trips, it’s essential to provide all necessary utensils and cookware.

You can add some creativity to the mix, but there are some necessities to have as well, like where the forks are, so your visitors won’t be grumpy about it!


Giving your guests some simple culinary tools and supplies makes it simple for them to prepare delicious black bean tacos or a pot of mac and cheese, wherever they happen to be.

When deciding what to include in the kitchenette of your motorhome, take into account the number of people that can accommodate comfortably in your motorhome. This can help you decide how many separate serving items, such as bowls, plates, and drinking glasses, to set out.

Here are some essential cookware and culinary gadgets to stock your campervan with to get your cookery game on point and your head sparking:

  • Mugs, glasses, silverware, and dishes
  • Kids’ plates, bowls, and cups for any young passengers!
  • For starters, assuming you are pet-friendly in the first place, give Rover a water bowl!
  • Kettle and coffee maker: for a cosy morning beverage to enjoy with visitors as they watch the sun come up
  • Pots, pans, and kitchenware – Measurement cups, spatulas, slotted spoons, and tongs are multifunctional and simple to assemble on
  • A magnetic knife rack; adults can reach them easily, while children cannot reach them.
  • Use more room in your motorhome by magnetising the locations of your spices with a magnetic spice holder.
  • Dual-burner gas cooker
  • Pantry necessities: consider oils, salts, sugar, coffee, and tea;
  • Motorhome fridge and freezer; these will help guests’ meals stay fresh while travelling.
  • Towels for the kitchen, dishtowels, and dish soap, basic cleaning goods 

Sleeping Quarters

The sleeping room of your motorhome or campervan is another important location to think about, Whether guests want to curl up and sleep or relax and read a good book. Having comfortable and versatile sleeping arrangements can enhance your motorhome trips.

Keeping your motorhome’s bedroom area comfortable and functional is essential, as it will take up the most space and is likely to double as a dining/sitting area for your visitors.

Here are some essential items you may want to bring along:

  • Cosy mattress, ideal for going above and above, with a waterproof mattress protector or topper!
  • A change of sheets and pillowcases, along with some gorgeously adorned throw pillows and blankets, can truly make this space feel new and modern. Take into account adding more than one pair, depending on how long your guests will be travelling.
  • Black-out curtains: these allow visitors to sleep through the night without being awakened by the sun at six in the morning.
  • Fairy lights: add a set or two of charming twinkling lights to this place to enhance its magic and provide your guests greater comfort.


It may seem a bit difficult to have restrooms or other amenities on your motorhome, but it is possible, particularly if your guests need to quickly rinse off after a seaside jump or have a potty emergency in the middle of nowhere.

When creating a self-sufficient bathroom zone as part of your motorhome amenities, think about offering guests the following:

  • Composting or chemical toilets are examples of portable camping toilets.
  • RV-friendly toilet paper is essential since it decomposes far more quickly than regular toilet paper, avoiding clogs or backups in your luxury motorhome hire‘s toilet system.
  • Hand towels and hand soap!
  • Sanitary napkins: make sure visitors are well-groomed throughout their time of the month! 
  • Wash basins: clean up quickly and effortlessly!

Games & Fun

The adventures and experiences made while your visitors are road-tripping make up a portion of the motorhome experience. Add the following recreational objects and activities to their repertoire to keep them occupied for extended periods of time and provide them a multitude of enjoyment opportunities. Anyone who would hire a motorhome would definitely look for a variety of entertainment options to enhance the journey.

  • Think about board games that require fewer pieces, such as a deck of cards. These are less dangerous for little children inside your motorhome and easier to keep small parts together!
  • Books abound; there are adult novels and picture books for kids!
  • When your fellow travellers stop to stretch their legs and you’re feeling artistic, grab some sidewalk chalk!
  • When your guests wish to take advantage of the windy ocean, give them a kite!


If your motorhome travellers find themselves in need of minor tools to make their stay more pleasant, you might want to consider including a couple of the following items:

  • Tire pressure gauge with a pressure-reducing valve
  • Treatment pods for septic tanks
  • Hoses for sewers and water
  • 30 amp power cable levelling blocks
  • Tire inflator, battery jump starter, and swing-out hitch

Superior Additions

Want to extend the amount of time your visitors spend in your motorhome? If you wish to upgrade your fleet of campers, consider adding these luxurious additions:

  • Solar panels
  • Camp chairs
  • Air conditioning 
  • Custom outdoor rugs
  • Roof rack, 
  • Hammock
  • Sun shades
  • Pop-up fire pit
  • Portable power station
  • Stick incense holder and magnetic fly screen

Final Thoughts

Motorhome offers comfort and adventure to tourists visiting various locations. It provides comfortable sleeping accommodations, a fully equipped kitchenette, and functional washrooms to guarantee its users can have an unforgettable stay in it.

Enhancing their experience with thoughtful additions like fairy lights, blackout curtains, and entertainment alternatives increases the likelihood that they will promote your services to others and use your services again in the future.

It’s critical to keep your motorhome’s safety and security features up to par. Make sure that there are reliable locking systems, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors installed. By making these small-scale investments, you may differentiate your rental motorhome from the competition.

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Q1. Do motorhomes come with a fully equipped kitchen?

Answer: Yes, motorhomes include essential kitchen utensils, cookware, and appliances for convenient meal preparation.

Q2. Are bedding and linens provided in the motorhome?

Answer: Yes, motorhomes are equipped with cosy mattresses, sheets, pillowcases, and additional blankets for comfort.

Q3. Is there a restroom available in the motorhome?

Answer:  Yes, motorhomes typically feature a portable camping toilet and basic restroom amenities for convenience.