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Planning a Group Motorhome Trip: Tips for Traveling with Friends and Family

A road trip with friends and family is a must for a fun life. The sights and experiences you have will certainly remain beautiful memories forever. Road trips in a Luxury Motorhome for hire offer freedom and discovery, but they also require more planning to run effectively.

This guide covers the best campervan travel advice for friends and families to plan a memorable trip. So, read on to learn everything you need to know before your next road trip with your loving friends and family with amazing motorhome hire UK alternatives.

Tips for Traveling in a Luxury Motorhome for Hire 

#1 Choose your group carefully

Choosing the appropriate travel companions might be crucial. Just because you’re friends or family doesn’t imply you travel the same way. Some want daring excursions, while others choose luxury. So, pick a group based on your interests.

If you’re traveling with others, make sure everyone gets along. Since you’ll be sharing a luxury motorhome for hire, having good pals who get along will make your road trip easier. Another consideration is what activities you’ll perform and making sure everyone wants to join in. 

Planning your itinerary is difficult if one person wants to spend all day on the beach and another wants to hike. If one member of your group likes wine tastings but another doesn’t drink, this may cause friction. It also makes one person feel that the vacation could have been more fun.

#2 Plan your meals beforehand 

Planning meals for your road trip with friends and family and knowing what everyone loves and has intolerances might be helpful. Knowing these minor things can help you plan your meals and keep everyone fed and happy.

Your campervan may be well-equipped, but it’s a partial kitchen, so planning delicious and easy dishes will help meal times go well. Having some terrific road trip recipes will streamline your grocery shopping. It also offers you more time to explore your lovely surroundings.

Knowing what your camper contains will help you make simple yet great meals. All luxury motorhomes for sale in UK by Jepson Holidays have a fridge, freezer, microwave, gas stove, toaster, and kettle. It gives you and your pals numerous fantastic things to cook.

#3 Pre-plan your activities

To make sure you get all the amazing experiences, pre-plan your activities based on your itinerary and destinations. For instance, the Caravan holidays north Scotland trip should be pre-planned to ensure you enjoy a stroll along the north coast or enjoy the sunset in Edinburgh.

Some campsites are popular, so book out early. Pre-booking ensures you get a spot and may even get an ocean-view location. To make the trip as amazing as possible, we recommend organizing activities in advance but having some flexibility in your agenda.

Before leaving, make a playlist with your buddies to enjoy some fantastic music on the journey. From pop tunes to oldies, a superb road trip playlist will set the tone, increase the pleasure, and make lengthy rides enjoyable.

#4 Assign roles to group members

Assigning roles to group members will help your road trip operate smoothly and avoid uncomfortable situations. Imagine arriving at gorgeous holiday homes in Loch Lomond and finding that you are welcomed with a delicious meal.

So, it is needed to assign duties to every person as per eligibility. These duties should include grocery shopping, camping bookings, activity bookings, and driving route planning. If you have several drivers, divide up long drives so everyone may enjoy the view and rest between turns.

#5 Promote openness in communication

Open communication is key when campervanning with friends or family. You’ll be living in a tiny place with individuals you may not know well, and you know everyone has different needs. Living in a campervan may be great, provided everyone communicates and feels heard. 

Simply communicating and understanding each other is crucial. If tension arises, listen to everyone and resolve any difficulties so you can continue your fun-filled road trip! Try to solve any dispute light mindedly. 

#6 Decide to pack light

Lightweight packing is vital to campervan success. You’ll have limited space, so you’ll want to pack everything neatly to be as comfortable as possible. To pack light and strategically, you can get everything you need for your vacation while taking up little space. 

When packing, utilize soft bags instead of hard suitcases and bags to save room and fit everything in. Try to give space to everyone and pack only useful things. Avoid stuffing less used stuff like extra clothes and toiletries. 

Major Advantages of Campervan Travel

Why should you rent a motor van? The answer is easy. Lifelong memories are made on the road with excellent company. This freedom to explore—from camping in nature to visiting small villages you may not have known—is an amazing experience everyone should have. Some other advantages of taking a luxury motorhome on hire are – 

#1 Save Money

You only pay for your camper, campsite, food, gas, and experiences. There is no need for public transportation, vehicle rental, or lodgings—your home is on wheels. Also, you have everything you need in the van to enjoy picnic dinners by the shore or in a park instead of eating out.

#2 Meet People 

Campervan travel can also open your mind and introduce you to new people. Cool new individuals you meet, from campsite residents to travelers who want to converse, can become terrific friends.

#3 Explore Places

Campervan travel takes you on less-traveled roads. You’re not merely taking a plane to your destination. In your campervan, you can take several ways to arrive at your destination. Fueling up and eating lunch in a town can be magical and wouldn’t have happened without a road trip.

#4 Enjoy Furnishings

To maximize comfort and enjoyment, campervans are well-furnished. Mighty vans have a fridge, freezer, microwave, gas burner, sink, toaster, and kettle, making road trips fun. You can cook and even watch a movie in your motorhome. 

Book Your Luxury Motorhome for Hire

Jepsons Holidays has a wonderful selection to hire a motorhome for every budget and group size, making your road trip even better. You can choose a 4 Berth motorhome with a shower and toilet. We recommend it for couples with children or a large family.

We’d love to rent out our five high-end RVs to strict standards. We pack them full of all the camping gear you need, and we also add little touches that make us stand out. Our cars are pet-friendly so that you can bring your four-legged friend with you on your journey.

If you can’t wait to travel, reserve your Luxury Motorhome hire online. Visit our blog for travel ideas that will make you want to book your UK road trip more fun and comfortable. Have a happy journey with your friends and family.